DFE Performance Tables for 2016

Last week the DFE performance tables for 2016 were published. Each school in the country is compared to the 54 most similar schools in terms of student performance at KS2. For TFA it would mean it is compared to other schools whose Year 11 in 2016 was around sig- 2.5 when they left primary school (the average points score for TFA was 25.1 while the national average was 27.6).

When compared to those similar schools TFA Attainment 8 of 47.4 meant it was the 4th best of the 55 and the Progress 8 score of 0.18 meant it was the 11th best out of the 55.

While the school is rightly proud of those results, the focus is now on the current Year 11 performing even better.