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Exams & Data

January 2018 Examinations Timetable
November 2017 Examinations Timetable
Summer 2017 Examinations Timetable
Sixth Form Mock Examinations Timetable – March 2017
Year 9 Examinations – January 2017 Timetable
Year 11 GCSE Mock Examinations November/December 2016 Timetable
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Summer 2016 Examinations Timetable – (Updated: Monday 21st March 2016)

Exam Results Collection
Summer 2017

Collection is from the main hall. The dates are as follows:

A Level Results Collection Day

Thursday 17th August 2017- 8:00am – 12:00 noon

GCSE Results Collection Day

Thursday 24th August 2017- 9:00am – 1:00pm

All results not collected are then posted to students in the afternoon of the dates above unless written permission has been given to school before the 21st July allowing someone else to collect them.

We cannot give your results to a member of your family or a friend without signed written permission given to us by you before the publication of the results.

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