On the 15th of September we invited Superintendent Khan to our school to meet with our year 12 students. Superintendent Khan is responsible for police operations across 3 boroughs in London. Recognising how much our society has changed post the COVID pandemic we wanted to equip our sixth formers with knowledge of how to recognise the challenges they may face in this new society.

Superintendent Khan spoke to the students about his personal journey through education and employment, and how the different stages of this journey assisted in him getting to the position he is now in. He was keen to advocate to students the importance of undertaking educational opportunities as well as keeping an open mind and continually reflecting on their choices as these would play a big role in helping them to achieve their aspirations.

At the end of the talk our students had the opportunity to ask questions – we were extremely impressed by the questions asked, it was clear that the student had been wholly engaged with the talk, absorbing, and digesting the information presented to them – giving us the confidence that our students were now more aware of the challenges and dangers they face in this new world, and have the information needed to make informed decisions.