Cambridge University Trip-As part of their educational programme, we took a group of Year 10 students on an educational visit to Cambridge University with the Naz Foundation. The purpose of this visit was to learn more about the University application process, meeting pupils from similar backgrounds and raising aspirations through subject masterclasses with Professors. Pupils also participated in a student led tour and subject taster delivered by academic staff. See the back pages for photos and views from the students.

Here are some comments from our pupils about the day:-

Darcy-‘I went to Cambridge University and the experience was inspiring and worthwhile. They provided a wonderful and historic presentation about the background of the uni and students took us on a tour of the campus.’

Rishab-‘It was an amazing and unique experience. The hospitable tour guides gave a thorough tour of the premises and it has given me quite a few pointers about my further education post-18. A 3rdyear student gave an insight into life as a student in Cambridge and the pros and cons and a student studying Law helped us understand what it is like applying to a uni like Cambridge.’

Samara-‘Cambridge was an educational and inspiring experience, which explored unfamiliar territory and show a peak of university life away from home. The campus was beautiful, with freshly cut grass and nice buildings. There was also a Master’s lodge which was fascinating to see.’]

Justinas-‘It was a very informative day that fueled my ambition to learn. The tour guides enlightened me to the opportunities students have while studying at Cambridge.”