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Stuart Lake – Examinations Manager / Robert Davies – Examinations Officer

Year 11 Headlines

  2018-2019 (External Exams)
2019-2020 (Awarded Grades)
2020-2021 (Awarded Grades) 2021-2022 (External Exams)
Progress 8  -0.04% *+0.55 *+0.14 -0.05
EBACC Entry  34% 25% 40% 44%
EBACC APS  3.72% 3.54 3.96 4.0
Attainment 8  44.8 46.2 46.9 46.5
Passing English and Maths GCSE with 4+  56% 58% 61% 63%
Passing English and Maths GCSE with 5+  35% 38% 39% 49%
Year 11  ‘next steps’ advice Summer 2022
Summer 2021 – results days and appeals Summer 2021
Summer Exams – 2021 The Forest Academy Policy Summer 2021

Reminder: Sixth Form Exam Rules

Students must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled exam time

  • Student gather in lobby of Study Zone and ensure they have all equipment required. We cannot guarantee supplies of ‘spares’
  • All water bottles must be clear and have any label removed
  • Only clear pencil cases are allowed – otherwise loose stationery (no calculator covers)
  • When instructed, students will then walk round to the back entrance of the SZ (IT stairs) and line up
  • Students should check the displayed seating plan lists before they enter the exam room
  • Students place coats, bags and all prohibited items in Jenni’s office before taking their seat.
  • Mobile phones must be switched OFF and left in a bag or coat, in Jenni’s office. If any phone goes off during an exam, the papers of ALL candidates may be voided.
  • Electronic devices, devices with capacity to store data and smart watches are prohibited items and not allowed into the exam room.
  • Candidates may take a basic analogue or digital watch into the exam room but it must be placed on the desk. Watches cannot be worn on a candidate’s wrist.
  • NO talking from the moment they enter the SZ (even when putting coats / bags away) Verbal and non-verbal communication with other students is prohibited. Candidates must face forward at all times (no ‘looking around’ the exam room)
  • At the end of the exam, once dismissed, students should exit via the back entrance (collecting their bags and coats on the way) IN SILENCE
  • Candidates must leave the surrounding area immediately (not gather outside) as there are likely to be other students still sitting exams due to timing differences

Appeals and Privacy Notice

BMAT Appeals Assessment Marks EAR Policy

Privacy Notice

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