On Tuesday, we were delighted to welcome Yvonne Pinchen back to TFA, who left the school in 1969.

Yvonne brought copies of her school report, her Head Girl Badge and a photo of her school netball team from 1968. She had a tour with our Year 9 students and met a group of our historians, who asked her a lot of questions about how education and schools have changed over time.

After leaving the school (then known as King’s Wood) Yvonne went to Anglia Ruskin then Bangor University and had a long and distinguished career in social work, including time with VSO in Tajikistan. She is now a tour guide in Cambridge and has a book being published soon.

While many things about school have changed over time, Yvonne remembered her assemblies in the hall – assemblies were every morning, and it was a great privilge when you reached year 10 and did not need to sit on the floor any longer! The main building of the school is very similar to when Yvonne attended, but we have added many more buildings since. TFA is much larger now, as there were only 300 students when Yvonne attended.

Thanks to all of the students who made Yvonne’s day at TFA very special.