Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural

SMSC Audit  

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural (SMSC) Summary including British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

SMSC which includes the teaching and ethos of British and wider international values at TFA is good with a significant amount of outstanding. The school takes deliberate and effective action to create a cohesive learning community through the promotion of SMSC development.

The academy’s motto is ‘Together Fostering Achievement’ and this is underpinned by the Forest Five expectations, OSHL provision and personalised learning.

TFA aim to offer every child

  • A broad and balanced curriculum delivered by committed and inspirational staff (learning).

  • An extensive and challenging range of educational visits both at home and abroad (educational visits).

  • The opportunity to engage with, learn about and support a range of local, national and international communities (community involvement).

  • The opportunity to develop skills, experiences and support to equip them for employment, training or higher education (enterprise activities).

  • The chance to contribute to the running of the school through structured groups, activities and training including school council, peer mentoring, and student-led learning (Student Voice).

The chance to pursue their preferred sporting and cultural activities through attendance at clubs, events and out of school opportunities OSHL (Sporting and cultural activities).

SMSC is an integral part of the Academies vision. The students are happy to be at school and enjoy the learning experiences that are part of the formal and informal curriculum. SMSC development can be demonstrated by students’ willingness to overcome barriers to their learning, positive responses to a range of artistic, sporting and other cultural opportunities and a the British and wider cultural values of mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Teaching and learning at the school is good. Lessons give students the opportunity to reflect and develop their ideas about the world around them. Student led activities foster a curiosity to question and share views and opinions.

This year, teachers are continuing with working in Teaching and Learning Communities e.g. the Leadership Group and the Outstanding As A Habit Forum, to further develop their skills around independent thinking and student led enquiry which have all lead to improvements in the quality of provision every child receives. The formation of the My World Curriculum in year 7 has been extended into year 8 with project based learning and literacy at the heart of what is being delivered. 

The Academy is working with the local community to extend out into the community. Students show respect for others and appreciate the rights and responsibilities of individuals within British society and globally and have a good understanding of the Law and being good citizens both within a local and global context.

A systematic improvement of the learning environment to support and underpin the changed ethos and culture includes:

  • New building opened Nov 2011 – canteen, DT, art, textiles, food technology & MFL.

  • Sixth form private study facilities.

  • Library and Inclusion Centre both moved to the heart of the school.

  • NEW ICT cabling & hardware infrastructure April 2011 and WIFI Sept 2014.

  • DfE grant for the new window which was completed in July 2014.

  • As part of school democracy, the school council designed the new badge, tie and consulted on the vision statement ‘Together Fostering Achievement’.

Students from different socio-economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds, including disabled students, socialise and study well together. They are aware of their own individual liberty and democratic rights enjoying various social, political, or economic rights and privileges in line with all other citizens of the UK. This is particularly evident through the student voice, school council and Redbridge schools forum.

Students understand that at The Forest Academy, they are responsible for their behaviour and conduct but that they also have a right to an excellent educational experience. Students resolve conflicts intelligently and respect each other’s needs and interests. In Spring 2014 96% of parents surveyed state that ‘my child feels safe at this school’ and ‘my child is well looked after at this school’.

The Academy offers students a good range of opportunities so that they can embrace new experiences which broaden their understanding of themselves and their self-esteem and confidence. This is evident in the assembly programme, the tutor time programme, the formal curriculum, the curriculum learning days and the various trips and visits.

We welcome visitors and guest to the academy and would encourage you to come see us in action.

Further information on Out of School Hours Learning and enrichment opportunities can be found in the OSHL audit alongside links to various key documents.