A welcome message from Ms Mayet,
Director of Sixth Form – TFA Campus

Hi All,

And welcome to TFA campus of BSF. I feel excited knowing you are looking at our sixth form page, because you want to know more about the great opportunities that come with being a sixth form student at our campus.

We are a small sixth form community, our students are part of one family across both year 12 and 13, and walking around our campus, for even just 5 minutes, you will sense the positive, aspirational, supportive and safe environment our students experience and also help create.

We offer two different pathways of study at our campus. The first is for students who have achieved a grade 4 GCSE in both English and Maths. These grades entitle students to enrol for Level 3 courses, opting for BTECs, ‘A’ Levels, or a combination of both. Our highly successful ‘Three Year Pathway’ is for students who need a little more time to adjust to the demands of GCSE exams, and are resitting Maths and / or English along with three other level 2 subjects, for example, Creative Media, Sports, Business, Construction and Photography.  Please refer to our course details for full information.

Regardless of the starting point, our students all go on to achieve the dream they had when they started with us. Every year spent at TFA is designed to allow students to become well-rounded individuals and develop the resilience and determination to be successful and the motivation and aspiration to achieve.

We are extremely proud of the results our students achieve across both sites. Students from TFA have been accepted into a number of Russel Group universities. In the academic year ending 2020, we have had students go on to study at The School of Oriental and African Studies, Southampton University, Brighton University, Queen Mary University of London and Goldsmiths university. In addition to the Russel Group universities our students have pursued degrees at highly reputable universities such as City and Coventry University.

However at TFA we know not everyone shares the same ambitions and dreams, where university has not been an interest for students, we have had many go on to full-time employment and apprenticeships, including higher level and degree level.

As a small sixth form we are able to offer our students exceptional academic and pastoral support, and our students quickly develop very positive and professional relationships with their form tutors and members of the Sixth Form Team who provide mentoring support throughout the year. We are also focussed on ensuring there are opportunities for students to discuss their plans, and we support these plans through our IAG interviews, through which students not only get guidance on how they can reach their desired outcomes but also support with any obstacles they may face.

This year we have launched our Personal Development Programme, which aims to equip students with the mind set and skills needed to follow their chosen path. It is an opportunity for students to grow holistically by challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zone and explore the world as independent young people.

I am extremely proud to be the Director of Sixth Form here at TFA. The highly dedicated sixth form team are committed to supporting all our sixth form students, whilst encouraging them to be the best they can be and aspire to achieve their full potential.

I look forward to both meeting and welcoming you at TFA.

Best wishes,

Ms Mayet