A competition was recently organised at The Forest Academy (TFA), to design a new school logo and uniform. The competition was open to all students, from years 7 – 13. Deadline for entries was Friday 19th January, by which time a very impressive 250 designs had been received!

The difficult job of choosing a winner was down to members of the Senior Leadership Team. After much deliberation, they eventually settled on two winners, Ahnaf Kabir (7Y1) and Sahabia Ali (8G1), who were delighted and somewhat surprised that they had produced the winning designs.

As a special reward they were invited along to the design studio at Icy Mango, so that they could watch their designs ‘come to life’ with the help of senior designer, Anderson Arokium, “It was a joy and a pleasure to work with Ahnaf and Sahabia. During their time at the studio, both students fully interacted with the task in hand. They are a credit to their school”.

After a couple of hours deliberating over their ideas, both Ahnaf and Sahabia decided on a logo that cleverly incorporated both their designs.

‘Really fun day, I could let my imagination run away from me. I could add and take away from my ideas when designing the logo on the computer. Overall the day was really fun and I felt this was one of my best days’ Ahnaf

‘I visited the offices of a design company. This was a fun and exciting experience as I got to see the new school logo come together. I enjoyed it very much and would love to do it again. The thought of walking into school and seeing everyone wearing something I designed makes me very proud.’ Sahabia Ali

Mr Thompson, Principal of TFA – ‘I have never been prouder to be the Principal of the Forest Academy.  Our GCSE and A’Level Results place amongst the best schools in Redbridge.

It was fantastic to have the hard work of students and staff recognised by Ofsted in December with the school being judged as continuing to provide a good quality of education. The report said that as a school, we clearly want to do the best for our pupils; that our ‘pupils were self-assured’ and that they ‘spoke warmly about being part of this school community and the good support they receive from their teachers’.

There are lots of exciting things happening at The Forest Academy beginning with the launching our new logo and uniform in September, which has been designed by the students. This is the first of some very exciting changes that are being made at the school that we feel will provide our young people with the best educational experience’

The final outcome, as you can see, is a truly exciting and fresh logo which we are confident that the students at TFA will enjoy wearing with pride on their new school uniform which is due to be launched in September 2018.

A good day at the office was had by all!