I had the great pleasure of escorting two of our students Paulina Da Silva and Tahan Islam, to the American Embassy in Lambeth.

As part of our school’s ongoing partnership with the Naz Legacy foundation we were welcomed into the world’s most expensive building and had a private tour of some of the usually hidden parts of the American Embassy.

We were then joined at lunch by the head of press and cultural relations and two other diplomats who explained to our pupils how they could get involved in working for the foreign service. This gave us an invaluable insight into how to follow an exciting possible career path.

We then had the highlight of our trip which was to sit in a roundtable discussion led by two members of the US congress- Hakeem Jefferies. leader of the democratic caucus and fourth highest ranking democrat in the United States, and Stacey Plaskett a member of the US house of representatives. We were also joined by Chi Onwurah, Member of parliament for Newcastle upon Tyne. This roundtable discussion was a spirited discussion about race and wealth inequality as well as ways we can combat it. It was truly a memorable experience! By, Mr K Burt (HEAD OF HISTORY)