Our students were guided around by the Tower’s Ravenmaster that gave a history of the Tower. The students were encouraged to think critically about how the Tower was linked to British imperialism and delivered a presentation to several other schools and a panel of experts on their ideas. They also met a variety of experts that work for British heritage and had the benefit of speaking to them about how they got into their careers.

Most notably, not only did all our students engage highly throughout the day by asking lots of interesting questions, they all delivered some fantastic talks in front of a large audience. Congratulations to Anycia, Jerome, Keisi, Letizia and Amina, who won the public speaking competition, beating several other schools. They delivered a very unique talk on how the statues of exotic animals throughout the Tower have a darker history that links to British colonialism in Africa.

The students were a credit to our school and all that participated deserve very high praise.