Personal Development

The Personal Development Programme has been developed in line with statutory and non-statutory frameworks provided by the Department for Education, and incorporates many elements typically seen within PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) and related subjects. However at TFA we have taken the approach of augmenting the standard PSHE topics with a range of life-skill training, creating a substantial subject that prepares all of our students both to succeed within the school and then thrive in the outside world.

Personal Development cover six core strands:

1. Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education and Character Development
2. Sex and Relationships Education
3. Health Education
4. Safety and Financial Wellbeing
5. Citizenship and Community Education
6. Careers Education

The Forest Academy is attended by children from a wide range of socioeconomic, demographic and cultural backgrounds. Our Personal Development programme has been designed to work with these diverse experiences, promoting personal and academic excellence and helping our pupils to develop the skills and abilities they need to take advantage of all of the opportunities they will encounter once they have left school.

TFA aim to offer every child

  • A broad and balanced curriculum delivered by committed and inspirational staff (learning).

  • An extensive and challenging range of educational visits.
  • The opportunity to engage with, learn about and support a range of local, national and international communities (community involvement).

  • High quality careers and aspirations curriculum and guidance, which ensures students have a deep understanding of their future options and all progress to high quality post-16 and post-18 routes (careers strategy).

  • The opportunity to contribute to the running of the school through the student forum, student voice activities, prefect teams, community give-back programmes and volunteering opportunities (student leadership).
  • A huge range of extra-curricular options, to suit every student’s interests and to help them develop new skills (extra-curricular provision).

The chance to pursue their preferred sporting and cultural activities through attendance at clubs, events and out of school opportunities OSHL (Sporting and cultural activities).

SMSC is an integral part of the Academies vision. The students are happy to be at school and enjoy the learning experiences that are part of the formal and informal curriculum. SMSC development can be demonstrated by students’ willingness to overcome barriers to their learning, positive responses to a range of artistic, sporting and other cultural opportunities and a the British and wider cultural values of mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Teaching and learning at the school is good. Lessons give students the opportunity to reflect and develop their ideas about the world around them. Student led activities foster a curiosity to question and share views and opinions.

This year, teachers are continuing with working in Teaching and Learning Communities e.g. the Leadership Group and the Outstanding As A Habit Forum, to further develop their skills around independent thinking and student led enquiry which have all lead to improvements in the quality of provision every child receives. The formation of the My World Curriculum in year 7 has been extended into year 8 with project based learning and literacy at the heart of what is being delivered. 

The Academy is working with the local community to extend out into the community. Students show respect for others and appreciate the rights and responsibilities of individuals within British society and globally and have a good understanding of the Law and being good citizens both within a local and global context.

We welcome visitors and guest to the academy and would encourage you to come see us in action.

Further information on Out of School Hours Learning and enrichment opportunities can be found in the OSHL audit alongside links to various key documents.